Hirmand Publication

Hirmand Publication was founded by the late Hamidreza Bagherzade in 1980. Persian Literature has always been Hirmand Publication’s first concern and now it’s been years that Hirmand is being famous for Persian Literature among publishers and book lovers in Iran. | hirmand publication website: hirmandpublication.com

Hirmand Paper

Hirmand paper started its job in 2013! Color, design and happiness, that’s what we believe in. We believe that color and design have a great impact on people’s happiness and in these two years we have done our best to come up with different, colorful products that make people’s life more colorful. | Hirmandpaper Website: hirmandpaper.com

Boostan Bookcity

Boostan bookcity, a nice, quiet place to read … Boostan bookcity, provides you with books, stationery, decorating, art goods and …| Boostan Bookcity Website: bbookcity.com

Hirmand Distribution

Distributing our products through out the whole country is one of the greatest pleasures that we are proud of.

Hirmand Imports

It’s been about two years that we have started importing stationery, toys and decorating goods. What we mostly consider is providing unique and  elegant goods. | hirmandimports website: hirmandimports.com

Hirmand Culture

Our store in Shiraz. Providing you with books, stationery and children goods.